Saab Trionic 8 ECU Heatplate Kit

Heatplate Kit for Saab Trionic 8 -ECU.

These ECUs are breaking at an accelerating pace due bad placement in engine bay. Temperature at ECU can be over 80 degrees celsius and also all the vibrations from engine transfers to ECU as well. Replacement ECUs are harder to find and prices have increased drastically.

We designed and manufactured this ECU life extending Heatplate Kit. Temperatures at ECU can decrease over 20 degrees celsius.
Shield is CNC machined from very durable POM (Polyoxymethylene) with screw holes and threads for vibration isolators. There’s no thermal bridge from intake manifold to ECU anymore.

Kit is very easy to install, installation time approximately 15 minutes by a novice.

Kit is also suitable for Opel and Vauxhall with Z20NET -engine and of course Cadillac BLS with B207 -engine.

Package includes screws, auxiliary ground cable and vibration isolators.

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Designed and manufactured in Finland.